Milton Lodge AF & AM

Milton Lodge A.F. & A.M.

Composed of men primarily from Milton, Quincy, Braintree, Weymouth, Boston and other towns of the South Shore.

Regular Communications of the Lodge are held on the second Friday of each Month of the Masonic year (Sept. thru June) at the historic Hingham Masonic building.  All regular masons are invited to visit.

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Experiencing Masonry

With a long and storied history, one can get lost in the multitude of names of great men who have been, and continue to be Freemasons, along with their great deeds.  

However, if you want to know what it means to be a Mason, what it is really all about, you need only ask what everyday Freemasons, their friends and families, think about the fraternity.

I have found that Masons all over the world are extremely fraternal and welcoming.  Whether I was visiting lodges in another country, or joining a new lodge after moving to a new state, I have always been welcomed as a brother.
          Adam J. - 9 year member

Masonry has been a huge impact on my life.  I have made great friends here I would not have met outside of Masonry.  These will be lifetime friends.
          Joseph C. - 3 year member

've met a lot of great people, and many have brought with them a way to give back to the world.  The opportunity to do charitable acts with good men is inspiring.

          Erol I. - 3 year member 

I've met some outstanding people through Freemasonry. You're greeted warmly at every meeting or event. The Masonic ideals are aimed at nothing less than making the world a better place.

          Mark W. - 4 year member


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