Milton Lodge AF & AM

Milton Lodge A.F. & A.M.

Composed of men primarily from Milton, Quincy, Braintree, Weymouth, Boston and other towns of the South Shore.

Regular Communications of the Lodge are held on the second Friday of each Month of the Masonic year (Sept. thru June) at the historic Hingham Masonic building.  All regular masons are invited to visit.

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Interested in Joining Milton Lodge


Freemasonry is often said to be "making good men better".  This correctly implies that there are requirements and standards that must be met by prospective applicants.

An applicant must:

-Be a man of legal age (18 years).

-Believe in a Supreme Being.  Freemasonry does not attempt to define this belief, the name of that Supreme Being, or the form of worship that should be followed.  

-Be of good moral character and good reputation.  In addition to furnishing character references and being interviewed by a lodge committee, applicants are required to undergo a background check.

-Apply of his own free will and accord.  This means that an applicant should not feel compelled to do so out of an expectation by a friend or family member, nor apply out of a desire for material gain.  Our focus is on fraternity and charity, not professional networking.

If you find yourself meeting these requirements and want to learn more about becoming a Mason, we encourage you to scroll down and fill out the Pre-application meeting request form.  We will contact you promptly to set up a time where you can ask more questions and receive more information.

Pre-Application Meeting Request

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